LEAD Academy

An innovative career pathway initiative focused on empowering young people.



September 2023


October 2023

Current Available Programs:

Culinary & Agriculture

Programs Coming Soon:

Multimedia Production, Barbering, Cosmetology, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, Coding


With the belief that lifting up the community starts with intentionally investing in its youth and residents, For The Kingdom has established the LEAD Academy initiative to empower and support the next generations through holistic development of self and giving access to career pathways. 

The purpose of LEAD Academy is to create a pathway for young people to become industry-leading professionals. This initiative aims to align education with experience that will ultimately allow participants to have access to sustainable opportunities. Through our partnership with the TN Department of Labor and the National Basketball Association Foundation (NBA Foundation), we offer paid apprenticeship opportunities. LEAD Academy focuses on developing not only job-related skills, but also personal character, mindset, and life skills. We will develop participants to understand themselves internally along with the fundamentals of financial literacy.




lead academy


The goal is to go beyond just securing a job and to promote long-term prosperity and success for the students.

Education: Build your mind

Self Discovery & Spiritual Awareness

Financial Awareness & Stability

Mindfulness Awareness

Experience: Build Your Resume

FTK’s 100 Acre Campus

On The Job Training


Exposure to Industry Professionals

Safe Space to Demonstrate their true inner self 

Access to Therapists

Opportunities: Build Your Future

National accreditation within chosen career path

Choice of higher education, entrepreneurship or job placements

Build personal credit

Maintain sustainable lifestyle

Get Involved

C o n t a c t : S u m m e r j o y  S c o t t
( 4 0 4 ) 8 2 5 – 2 4 3 6
s . s c o t t @ f t k m e m p h i s . c o m

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