FTK 2022

Vision: To provide life-changing experiences for all people.

Mission: To meet basic human needs, provide development opportunities, and demonstrate Christ-like love to all individuals and their families.

FTK Provocative Proposition: FTK sees itself as a lighthouse and as a character in God’s story as a place for all people to be loved and accepted. In addition, caring for and providing development opportunities to youths and seniors is essential to fulfilling For The Kingdom’s vision.  We will utilize strategic youth and care initiatives across our network to connect, equip, and develop these individuals. This will be achieved by ancillary services that are accessible, relevant, contextual and affordable.  

Overview of FTK Plan: The FTK plan is made up of four individual strategies supported by a Budget is $4,535,100.

STRATEGY I Show Christ-like love by ending food disparity in 38128
  • Engage 10% of Raleigh’s 18 & under population with five meals a week.

  • Pilot an all-inclusive food solution plan for senior facilities.

  • Open a client choice market for the general public as a way of filling the food desert gap in Raleigh.

  • Engage food-insecure families with monthly mobile grocery and discreet grocery pickup.

  • Partner with University of Memphis for a research project around food disparity in Raleigh.

STRATEGY II Engage and develop youths through camping, athletics, and literary art
  • Roll out sports and summer camps that provide opportunities for development.

  • Renovate and open a donated indoor training facility to provide year-round sports.

  • Adopt and engage all local schools in 38128.

  • Publish first Marvin novel.

STRATEGY III Lift our community through spiritual development
  • Give them Jesus.

  • Offer opportunities for Bible and book studies.

  • Provide short and long-term missionary opportunities.

  • Partner with faith organizations.

STRATEGY IV Become a five star hospitality organization
  • Continue to strive to meet the needs of each guest with excellence.

  • Continue renovations and preventative maintenance.

  • Continue to promote our campus and make ourselves available to all.

  • Strive to become an energy-efficient facility.