Feed The Block is a program of For The Kingdom (FTK) and represents an opportunity to address the food deserts and food insecurity which are prevalent in the Raleigh community of Memphis, Tennessee. FTK’s goal is to provide for the basic human needs of all people in need of food, love and encouragement.

  Food is our vehicle for establishing lasting and trusting relationships in our neighborhood. When Jesus taught the disciples to pray, a part of that prayer was pleading with God for His kingdom to come to fruition on earth as it is in heaven. Feed the Block strives to achieve His kingdom in our neighborhood by addressing the daily needs for healthy food one block at a time. Feed The Block is an expression of God’s abundant love for all.

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Feed The Block Currently Includes:
  • Feed The Block – Groceries

    Through our monthly grocery giveaway done in partnership with Midsouth Food Bank, our goal is to provide supplemental groceries to bridge the gap between resources.

  • Feed The Block – Summer

    Providing consistent meals for school-aged children in the summertime.

  • Feed The Block – Dinner

    In under-resourced communities like Raleigh the despair that is faced by a child knowing lunch may be their last meal of the day means they are working from a disadvantage.  FTK’s desire to provide dinner which closes the gap between school and home, ensuring that children get 3 wholesome meals a day. Dinner ensures that children in Raleigh go to bed with proper nutrition.

  • Exodus Marketplace

    Through prayer, consideration, discernment and evaluation, FTK is launching the Exodus Marketplace: a free-standing marketplace, juice bar & tech hub. The purpose is to provide Raleigh residents with additional options outside of the inflated prices for food which is customary in food deserts.

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